Meet the team

Newbury Pride is a charity that consists of the trustees and committee.  There are also a large number of volunteers that work with us to make Pride a success, we really could not achieve what we do without the help of our lovely volunteers.  None of the trustees or committee members is paid and put the Newbury Pride events on in their own free time.

Graham Reese (he/him)

Chair and Trustee

Graham started Newbury Pride in 2019 and has the drive to keep Newbury Pride happening, which is increasing and growing each year! This is thanks to the wonderful team on this committee and our supporters who help with everything we do.

Megan Brewer (she/her)

Co-vice chair and Disability lead

Megan joined the committee in September 2022 and is passionate about inclusivity and disability in the LGBTQ+ community.  She can often be found with Andrea helping to sell merchandise throughout regular Pride events

Andrea Brookes (she/her)

Co-vice chair and Community Liaison lead

Andrea has been a member of the committee since 2022 and has been instrumental in setting up the Newbury Pride shop.  She also helps the local communities to communicate with and help support Pride and vice versa

David Phipps



David is an ally who has the unenviable and almost impossible task of keeping committee meetings on time and on track

Jonny Harding (he/him)

Social Media Lead

Jonny has been there from the start and became the social media blokey, also known fondly as "the emoji king/queen" and also does whatever is required by the fabulous bosses of Newbury Pride! 

Mark Riley 


Sarah Evans (she/her)

Youth inclusion lead

Sarah is an ally and has been involved with NP since it was first dreamed up. As a teacher, she is working towards making links with local youth groups and schools

Jake Taylor 



Lesley Barker


Jamie Cummings

Volunteer coordinator

Jamie is a fun, bubbly, caring person! He is a TV show manager, and carer for adults with learning disability. As part of Newbury pride, he is part community relations and a general dog's body helping out with everything in anyway that he can.

Dawn Butcher (she/her)

Youth Inclusion

Dawn is an Ally who works with young adults and is keen to show support for the LGBTQ community.

Mel Taylor

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Caroline "Ted" Sumner (she/her)

Transport & Security Manager

I am a retired coach driver and security guard. And I drive the Newbury pride bus. I also assist with as many events as possible