Sponsorship for Pride

Newbury Pride is adamant at keeping Pride free for all, but to achieve this we need the help of our lovely local businesses and supporters.

If you have a business, especially if you are located within the West Berkshire area and would like to support a local Pride event then please consider getting in touch with us.  We have a number of set sponsorship levels but are always willing to talk about different bespoke arrangements, maybe you could have the Pride or part of it named after your company

Newbury Pride 2023 was an even more successful and joyous event than the first time small community pride the previous year. We had a surprising turnout of adults, teenagers and families with their children. It was estimated to be well over 1500 people that turned up for the march and festivities after. It was a very enjoyable, fun, safe and educational day for everyone.

The perfect continuation of what we hope will be many more to come, we hope the support of outstanding individuals and organisation like yourselves want to join us in creating a fully diverse and accessible event for anyone who wishes to join us.

We also hope we can make steps to be as green as possible.

Platinum Sponsor

This package includes:


  • A VIP backstage tour, you'll be able to meet some of the artists, acts and the performances.


  • Prominent position during the march


  • With your Company Logo/Name on banners during the march.


  • Options to put Company banners either at Main stage, VIP area, Entrances around the event


  • You will receive everything that's in the Bronze, Silver and Gold packages


Gold Sponsor



This package includes:


  • You will be known as a Partner in all social media posts, website, promotional departments and have your logos on everything.


  • Part of the march.


  • Facebook, Instagram, twitter posts will happen all the way up to the event and name or logo will be included.


  • One banner placed in a prominent location around the site (banners to be provided).


  • Separate section on Newbury Pride website & Facebook for Partners, with all your links on.


  • Large Logo advertisement on Newbury Pride Website.


  • Official Signs around the event with Logo on will be available.


  • Banners or Signs you have printed will be allowed (contact for approval).


  • A 3m x 3m pitch in our marketplace at the event stage, in a premium location.


  • Any posters or flyers distributed by Newbury Pride in the month leading up to the event


  • Everything that is included in the Bronze and Silver packages



Silver Sponsor


This package includes:


  • Supporting our chosen security team to guarantee the safety of the event

  • Supporting the cost of accessibility to ensure everyone is able to attend.

  • Permission to hand out free promotional material.

  • Facebook, Instagram and Tweets about the company in the month leading up to the event.

  • Also a social media post when sponsorship has been completed.

  • 1 banner placed in a prominent location around the site (banners to be provided by yourselves).

  • Small Advertising icon on Newbury pride website.

  • A blog post on Newbury pride website (if you wish).

  • Logo/Name on official signs/banners around the site.

  • Small icon of company logo on Newbury Pride sponsorship page.

  • Everything included in the Bronze package



Bronze Sponsor

This package includes:


  • Two Facebook, Instagram and tweets posts about the company in the run-up to the event

  • Small advertising box on Newbury pride website..

  • A blog post on Newbury pride website about the company or person (if you wish).

Your company logo (branding to be provided) included on:

  • Facebook, Instagram, Tweet sponsorship related details..

  • Newbury Pride website small icon of logo.​​​​​​​



We are able to make bespoke packages suitable for your needs and anything that you may require we will be happy to try and accommodate, so you can have the best possible experience at Newbury Pride 2024.


Please don't hesitate to contact us, and we hope you will be joining us to make Newbury Pride 2024 happen.


If you simply wish to just donate to Newbury Pride, we would be very grateful for any donations.


We have a Paypal QR code which you can also use to donate to us or visit the shop to donate


Any questions you may have please contact:
Graham Reese (Chair) graham@newburypride.org.uk


We are on social media that you can keep up to date with what we are doing throughout the year.


Please complete the form below and let us know you are interested in sponsoring us, we will get back in touch with you.  If you are interested in a specific package please indicate on the form which one you are interested in

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